Lutheran Student Hostel

Lutheran Student Hostel is one of the leading student hostel operators in Singapore. Each student unit is tastefully designed with study tables and wardrobes, and provides not only a comfortable and convenient location, but also understands and accommodates to the need of a balanced lifestyle– communal facilities will be made accessible to the students.

150 Cantonment Road

Located conveniently near the CBD area, 85 SOHO @ 150 Cantonment Road offers guests with a serviced apartment experience to make it feel like a home away from home that is well suited for millennials,and corporate housing for the expatriate on project assignment or relocation.

10 Raeburn Park

Located conveniently near to Central Business District (CBD) area, 85 SOHO @ 10 Raeburn Park offers guests with a co-living and co-working experience as well as having components of a Serviced Residence to make it feel like home, well suited for expatriates and millennials.